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Tucson Real Estate News - Part 3

Individual Loan Officer Compensation Agreement-Broker-Correspondent Pay Plan

Courtesy of Tucson Rates and Real Estate

Mortgage Broker and Correspondent Lenders are running out of time to prepare a compliant ,Individual Loan Officer Compensation Agreement for the implementation of the new Regulation Z Guidelines. Most major Lenders have already released their agreements between themselves and the Owner Brokers. That leaves the unruly task of the Broker Owner to create a pay plan for their Loan Officers. Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy task.

Tucson Real Estate, Time To Buy?

Courtesy of: Tucson Rates and Real Estate

Author: R. Smith


If you are a Realtor in Tucson, or any other city for that matter, the last few years, have been tough. This article is not about Short Sales, Foreclosures, Reo’s, or Distressed Properties. This article may be the answer to your potential clients who are concerned  about whether it is a good time to buy Real Estate in Tucson, or not. If you are a Tucson Realtor,  is your sales technique to convince potential buyers that it is a good time to buy, because prices of  Real Estate in Tucson have dropped so much, and houses are a good deal because they are cheap.

Tucson Credit Repair To Help You Close More Deals

Courtesy of Tucson Rates and Real Estate

Author: R. Smith

Tucson Rates and Real Estate is proud to Announce we are adding to our Tucson Rates and Real Estate Forum a new Category Specifically for Credit Repair. Although I am not at liberty to disclose the name of the Tucson Credit Repair Company as of yet, they will be on hand to help you or your clients to repair the damage that has been caused over the last few years. If you want to maximize your business, clients who have damaged credit are a great source over time to increase your revenues.

NAMB Files Lawsuit to Stop LO Compensation Rules

Courtesy of Tucson Rates and Real Estate

The National Association of  Mortgage Brokers filed a lawsuit today against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. the lawsuit is intended to delay the implementation of the new LO Compensation Rules content of Reg. Z.  It is surprising that they decided to file this lawsuit just a couple of weeks prior to the rules implementation. Considering the fact that the final rules were passed in August of 2010, this could be a case of “Too little, Too late”.

Tucson Mortgage Fraud-More Arrests Today

mortgage Fraud picture Tucson Mortgage Fraud More Arrests TodayToday’s News of more arrests for Tucson Mortgage Fraud is suddenly becoming a familiar story. There have been several Federal and State Prosecutions of Tucson based Real Estate, Mortgage Professionals, and others related to the industry over the last few years since the melt down started three years ago. Most have been heavily publicized cases drawing the public’s attention to the fact that the government is serious about punishing those that crossed the line when the markets were booming. To my memory, all but one of them were related to using straw buyers to receive cash back at closing. After the deals are closed, no payments are ever made on the property.