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Mortgage News | Tucson Real Estate News - Part 4

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Mortgage Brokers: Determining A Properties Value

Oh have things changed the last few years. As everyone knows, the old days of calling your appraiser to get “Comps”, isn’t allowed anymore.

Mortgage Broker or Correspondent? New Pay Plan is Looking Good!

Courtesy of Tucson Rates and Real Estate Author: R. Smith   There has been a lot of anxiety lately in the Mortgage Industry. After a few years of  uncertainty, the bottom of the barrel has gotten deeper. Financial Reform passed through Congress easily, punishing the people at the bottom rung of the ladder and rewarding […]

Wholesale Lenders Release Compensation Plans

Courtesy of Tucson Rates and Real Estate Several Wholesale Lenders have released Compensation Plans to comply with the amendments added to Reg Z. You can bet they were prepared by legal counsel, as the Reg Z language is quite vague in how they can be interpreted.  My guess is we will see the most conservative […]

Updated Info on No Cost Advertising on Tucson Rates and Real Estate

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For a limited time right now, our ad space (125×125) is available for no charge **. It is only available to local, properly licensed, Tucson or Southern Az businesses. It is a great way to get some exposure in your local market. The only thing required is a contribution to Tucson Rates and Real Estate […]

Tucson Rates and Real Estate is looking for Local Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Bankers to write Articles.

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Are you a Mortgage or Real Estate Professional in Tucson? Would you like to get some free exposure?  Tucson Rates and Real Estate.com is looking for local area professionals to contribute by writing articles and by participating and answering questions in our forum, Tucson Rates and Real Estate Forum, from local consumers. Go to the […]